November Web Conference: “The Future of the ICEV”

Our next web conference for Future Fuel Outlook members will be held Tuesday, November 20 from 10-11:30 a.m. ET on the future of the internal combustion engine both for light- and heavy-duty vehicles. Our speakers will be:

  • Cecile Pera, Ph.D., of Convergent Science
  • Ben Sharpe, Ph.D., of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)

Now, what are we going to talk about? 

We’ll cover themes on the LDV side like this:

  • ICE vehicles developed and manufactured in the coming years (and decades) will continue to contribute to transport sector CO2.
  • OEMs and Tier One suppliers continue to develop engine technologies. Some of them are an improvement of existing solutions… and some others are fairly new and disruptive.
  • Some examples of technologies in development for passenger cars: new materials and coatings, use of alternative fuels, new combustion systems, use of different turbocharger technologies, water-injection, variable compression ratio, coupling with 48V, among others.

And, we’ll cover themes on the HDV side like this:

  • Fuel efficiency regulations and market forces are driving the development and deployment of technologies to reduce fuel use and emissions from on-road HDVs.
  • By the 2030 timeframe, per-vehicle fuel consumption reductions of between roughly 20% and 50% compared to a 2010 baseline are expected in new HDVs in major markets such as China, the European Union, and the United States.
  • While the ICE is likely to be the dominant powerplant in the commercial vehicle market for the foreseeable future, deepening concerns around climate change are intensifying interest in zero emission HDVs.
  • As with many alternative fuels and advanced technologies, transit buses have emerged as the leading early HDV market for zero emission technologies. Technical, economic, and refueling infrastructure barriers must be resolved before zero emission technologies can reach large-scale adoption across the full range of HDV sizes and applications

RSVP to and I’ll provide the connection details. If you are not able to attend, feel free to have a colleague(s) RSVP.