Consulting Services

Tammy Klein provides market and policy intelligence with unique insight and analysis on transportation fuels, including conventional, biofuels and alternative fuels for clients in the auto, oil and associated industries, as well as governments and NGOs so that they can understand current and future fuels trends and issues and make informed decisions for their businesses; or in the case of government and NGOs, develop and implement the best policies. With solid, reliable intelligence and analysis Tammy can help you:

  • Develop corporate or business unit strategies;
  • Shape counter-competitive strategies;
  • Prepare a new product launch, new market entry, or other strategic move in the market;
  • Benchmark other organizations;
  • Anticipate and plan for future market opportunities and disruptions;
  • Assess effectiveness of competitors market positioning and product messaging.

Tammy provides the following types of consulting services:

  • Delivering custom-tailored reports and research with market and policy intelligence on a range of transportation fuels issues.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to support clients’ business development plans and strategies, including developing model policies for governments on future transportation fuels.
  • Leveraging her extensive global network in the auto and oil industries, as well as government, to connect stakeholders and bridge communication gaps.
  • Training government, industry and NGO stakeholders in collaboratively developing and implementing effective transportation fuel policies.
  • Providing thought leadership by delivering presentations and writing articles that educate, inform and entertain.

Companies Tammy Has Worked With:

  • Auto: GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota
  • Oil/Refining/Energy: BP, Exxon, Irving Oil, Japan Petroleum Energy Center, Neste, OPEC, PEMEX, Petrobras, Petronas, Phillips66, Shell, Total
  • Government: Australia Department of Environment & Heritage, Brazil Petroleum Agency, Environment Canada, European Commission DG Energy, Natural Resources Canada, U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Management Authority (Singapore)
  • Non-Profit: International Energy Agency, Natural Resources Defense Council, United Nations Environment Program
  • Biofuels: Cargill, CHS, LanzaTech, REG, TerraVia

Selected Consulting Project Portfolio:

  • Assessing Current & Future Global Initiatives on Fuels & Vehicles, November 2017 [prepared for the Fuels Institute]
  • Driving Renewable Energy for Transport: Next Generation Policy Instruments for Renewable Transport (RES-T-NEXT), November 2015 (co-author) [prepared for the International Energy Agency]
  • International Fuel Quality Standards and Their Implications for Australian Standards, November 2014 (co-author) [prepared for the Australian Department of Environment]
  • Consultancy for Development of a Fuel Quality and Biofuel Policy Framework For Zimbabwe, 2014 (project leader, co-author [prepared for the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority]
  • A Review of Trends in the California LCFS Program, January 2014
  • Fuel Efficiency Improvement Opportunities for Saudi Arabia, 2012 (project leader) [prepared for Saudi Aramco]
  • Dieselization Opportunities for Saudi Arabia, 2012 (project leader, co-author) [prepared for Saudi Aramco]
  • The Development of Bioenergy Standards, Policies and Implementation Plans in Singapore to 2050, February 2010 (project co-leader,co-author) [prepared for the Singapore Energy Management Authority]
  • Status of Next Generation Biofuels Facilities, April 2010 (co-author) [prepared for the Japan Petroleum Energy Center]
  • Technical and Policy Assistance for Biofuel Market Development in El Salvador, June 2009 (co-author) [prepared for the Organization of American States]
  • Fuel Quality Monitoring, Compliance & Enforcement Programs: An International Assessment, April 2003 (co-author) [prepared for the Australian Department of Environment & Heritage]